Beautiful Music
With help from Dream Angels, a third-grader who always loved music has blossomed into a teen-age orchestra member

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dream Angels?

Dream Angels offers a specialized and holistic program of intellectual, creative, social, and cultural mentoring for at-risk girls beginning in the pivotal third-grade year and continuing through grade 12.

Why is third grade considered a pivotal year?

According to mental health experts, girls’ self-esteem peaks around age nine – usually sometime during the third grade – then tends to plummet. By getting girls involved in the program during this critical developmental window, we’re able to capture the momentum of that positive self-esteem and continue to build on their strengths.

How are girls chosen for the program?

Prospective Dream Angels may be nominated by any adult—a teacher, principal, neighbor, church leader, community organizer, parent, or guardian. Girls who wish to nominate themselves must do so with parental permission. Nomination forms are available here.

Where and when are meetings held?

Regular meetings are held on Saturdays from October through April in a space graciously donated by a church off Central Expressway in Richardson. Dream Angels has no affiliation with this or any other church or religion. Special events and social activities are also held throughout the year at other locations.

How much does it cost?

Dream Angels programs are absolutely free for the girls and their families. We are funded solely through donations by caring supporters like you.

How are the adult mentors selected?

While many of our board members have backgrounds in teaching or experience working with young girls, we encourage any woman with an interest to submit an application. For the protection of our girls and peace of mind of everyone involved, mandatory background checks must be conducted on prospective mentors before they are interviewed by our Executive Committee. Application forms are available here.

Are you a religious organization?

No. Dream Angels is an inclusive organization that values different perspectives, and we have no direct or indirect affiliation with any church or religion. We do, however, meet in a space graciously donated by a church in the Richardson community.

Must prospective girls live within a certain school district to become Dream Angels?

Not at all. While the majority of our girls attend Richardson schools, any girl in the surrounding area who is able to attend weekly sessions and fulfill her commitments to the organization is eligible for consideration.

How many girls are involved in the program?

This figure of course varies from year to year, but as of summer 2010, 27 girls were actively involved in the program. Since our founding in 2001, at least seven girls have completed the entire Dream Angels journey – from third grade through 12th grade.

Do you require a long-term commitment?

We do prefer that our girls and mentors enter into the program with the intention of staying involved. After all, it’s the ongoing support and enduring relationships that help set Dream Angels apart from other groups. That said, we do understand that it’s sometimes necessary to bow out sooner than expected—so please don’t let any “what-ifs” discourage you from getting involved!

Are donations tax-deductible?

Absolutely. Dream Angels is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, making your financial donation a tax-deductible gift as well as a much-needed and appreciated contribution. Donate today!