Beautiful Music
With help from Dream Angels, a third-grader who always loved music has blossomed into a teen-age orchestra member

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At Dream Angels, dreaming is where it all begins – but DOING is what makes dreams come true! Here are the latest assignments to keep your momentum going.

"All About Me" Collage

Go through a large stack of magazines and cut out pictures of anything that relates positively to your life. Cut out pictures of words or phrases such as "Success" ... "Beautiful" ... "Go Getter" ... "Smart" ... "Courageous" ... well, you get the idea! You can even piece a few words together and make sentences such as "I can do it" or "Failure is the stepping stone to success". Once you have these words, start pasting them on a cardboard or poster board. You can cut out certain pictures from the magazine which are inspirational in some way such as beautiful scenery, fashionable clothes, athletes, celebrities, etc. and paste them on the cardboard. Hang the cardboard on the wall and fill it up every day with inspirational quotes or pictures. By looking at your collage daily and reading such inspiring words and phrases, you will be affirming yourself to be confident and successful in everything you do. Last Step: Share your collage with family and friends.

"Face Your Fear" Every Day

Get involved in a challenging activity that may be scary to you. This will help you get out of your comfort zone and gain confidence. When we face our fears and learn something new ... it is bound to increase your self-worth in your own eyes.

Develop a Hobby

Develop a hobby. It can be anything ... painting, writing, singing, dancing, or acting. When you get involved in a hobby, you will learn new things every day.

You may even make mistakes and learn how to problem solve them. This will offer you immense opportunities for important lessons in life such as how important hard work is and that it is okay to make mistakes.

Adopt a Household Chore

If your parent has not involved you in a household chore, ask them how you can help your family around your home. Some of the chores that you can ask to do are ... gardening, cleaning rooms, washing cars, setting the dinner table, help your mom clip coupons for grocery shopping, etc. When you get involved in chores, you will learn alot about household management and how to become more responsible.

Bonus: You get to spend time with your family and improve your self-esteem!