Beautiful Music
With help from Dream Angels, a third-grader who always loved music has blossomed into a teen-age orchestra member

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Beautiful Music

Like many young girls, one particular Dream Angels member professed a love of music when she entered the program as a third-grader. But while some kids are content to simply hum along with their favorite songs on the radio, this determined young lady was empowered to nurture her love of music by honing her natural talents. She learned to play the violin, and with ongoing encouragement from our mentors, she continued to practice and perfect her skills over the years. Then, in the 10th grade, she was accepted into the Strings of Color Orchestra—a musical performance troupe designed for up-and-coming musicians. That’s an accomplishment that deserves a standing ovation!

Scientific Method

Even when a girl is crystal clear about her career goals for the future, it helps to reinforce those aspirations with activities that recognize her achievements here and now. That’s the kind of recognition that kept one of our eighth-graders moving in the right direction. After expressing her intention to pursue a career in science, she focused on a short-term goal to challenge herself—competing in the state science competition. It took hard work, brainpower, creativity, and commitment. But when all was said and done, this junior scientist placed among the top competitors. You might say it’s scientific proof that Dream Angels is making a difference!

Art and Addition

Math can be a hard sell to kids who don’t understand how it applies to the real world. That was the case with one of our participants who dreams of becoming a successful artist. In fact, upon entering the program, she stated, “I want to be an artist, and I don’t need good grades in math to do that.” But slowly, we’re helping her realize that even creative occupations need solid math skills to handle the business and financial aspects that enable artists to make a living doing what they love most. From balancing a checkbook to making smart decisions about how to price and market products, math is one of those essential skills that always factors into success.